Crab spider at Navarino Nature Center






What I did on my summer vacation is yet to be concluded.  It is the first summer I’ve had where it feels like I’m in grade school and I can do whatever I want!  My last day of work was May 25, 2018.  Now I am doing all those things I didn’t have time for before.  Like taking classes on Instagram, a 10 month online class with Jane Dunnewold and her daughter Zenna on Creative Strength Training, Professional Practices for Artists with Frank Juarez, drawing webinars, painting webinars, a nature photography workshop at Navarino Nature Center, yoga classes, dyeing fabric, working in my studio, and organizing my garage.

Believe it or not, organizing my garage was at the top of my list.  I’ve got a good start but there are still things I want to do.  Since we no longer have a basement there is a different way to organize.  I set up a workbench, and now I can find tools when I need them, yeah!  So exciting…at least to me.

Oh, and also will maybe start to blog and use Instagram?  I will make an effort anyway, but no promises.  I also have to make time to just enjoy the summer, its awful short here in Wisconsin so we have to make the most of it.  So what do I write about in my first blog in literally a year?


Trying to determine what to do first is an issue.  At first I was in a quandry, should I make a schedule?  I want to make sure I do the most important things on my list, don’t I?  I tried to give myself a schedule, so many hours in the studio, so much time dedicated to the business side of entering exhibits, updating spreadsheets, tracking things on the calendar for dates of exhibits, entry deadlines, taking photographs of my work, the list seems endless.  When should I exercise?  Should I start cleaning my house? How important is that anyway?

I’ve decided that I will putz and address those things that are most appealing to me in the moment.  If an opportunity presents itself I will go for it.  After all, I am on vacation, so I should do what I want and enjoy nature as much as possible.  Maybe at the end of the fair weather I will take a different approach, but for now “I AM ON VACATION!”  Wish me luck!

On the river