Pat Bishop

Pat Bishop
Pat BishopFiber Artist

I’ve been sewing since I was 10 years old.  From traditional quilting which I did off and on for 30 years  to becoming a fiber artist was a matter of wanting to try new things, new materials available, the speed of machine quilting and probably most notably my secret desire to be an artist.

Since I was a very little girl I’ve loved to make things.  My favorite part of the Captain Kangaroo tv show was when Captain Kangaroo got out his shoe box and made things from construction paper, paste, tape and crayons.  I can still remember the sound his scissors made, “krrrkrrrrkrrrrk”.  I guess you had to be there.  In kindergarten I made a picture  of George Washington with yarn and glue on construction paper and the teacher said it was so wonderful and the best one, which it was.   Art was always my favorite subject from grade school through high school and beyond.  In the fourth grade I had a very creative teacher, Mrs. Theison.  She would let us spend a whole week on an art project.  It seems that whole year was full of art projects.  It was heaven.

In 2005 I joined a small art quilt group we named “Against the Grain”.  This small group of less than a dozen women challenged me to be more creative and pull things out of me, rather than a book or a pattern.  Ever since then I’ve been doing my own thing and having a great time living my passion.

I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to have many teachers and mentors in my life of art creation.  At one time I was heavily into the art of Rosemaling, a Norwegian stylized painting.  I’ve also been a watercolorist.   I have been working in fiber art since around 2005.  I exhibit and sell my work in fine art exhibits, lecture and teach my technique and style.  I want to help others realize their desires to create their personal art.

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Professional Affiliations

Studio Art Quilters Association – Professional Artist Member and Wisconsin/Illinois Regional Representative–

Wisconsin Visual Artists – Artist Member –

Portal Wisconsin – Artist Member –

Northeast Wisconsin Artists Association – Artist Member

Women Who Run With Scissors-Artist Member