I am a fiber artist with a love of nature and all things textilian.  I use textiles because they provide a unique vehicle of interpretation with their vibrant color, tactile nature and endless variety.  The textures are what makes fiber a unique and versatile medium.

Instead of paint, I use strokes of fabrics, mostly solids and my hand dyed fabrics.  The compositional restrictions of machine sewing can be challenging with necessary problem solving and unpredictable results that are very exciting for me.  I appreciate the slow process of cutting, sewing and pressing because it gives me thinking time to plan my next move, which is often how I work.  I usually have a basic idea of what I’m attempting but I can be easily side-tracked into a totally different direction.

My method gives me freedom to manipulate and portray my personal perspective of life with a touch of realism in a basically abstract composition. My goal is to try to keep my compositions simple yet powerful with the use of strong color contrast and simple shapes.

My work is identified by the use of vibrant color and the striation effect of the piecing and stitching. To me my work signifies the strength, beauty and simplicity of nature.